Visited her today, I have a pretty bad back from years of hard labor. A mixture of gentle touch and pressure made me feel alot better. Very informative and kind, will not be going back to my old chiropractor to say the least.

David Roberts

Dr. Anne is the best around! She is professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I have been seeing Dr. Anne for 15+ years for upperneck and back pain. I can always rely on Dr. Anne being available whenever I need her, even if it's last minute. My adjustments are always stress-free and relaxing. I walk out of her office feeling great!

Mrs. Lourenco

I have been a patient of Anne's since I was 15 with awful migraines, Anne was able to alleviate those migraines for me and still does. I still now continue to see Anne I am almost 50 and I rely on her tremendously to manipulate my back so I am able to function and continue to work. Anne has always been able to fit me her schedule knowing how painful it is to have your back out of place. I highly recommend her to anyone experiencing back pain , neck pain, migraines etc.. She is also a wealth of information and has helped me in past by providing me with information to assist me in making informed decisions.

Jennifer Araujo

Always have a great experience. Only chiropractor that's been able to get my trouble spots and the vitamins she supplies has helped immeasurably.

Naomi Keeney

A professional among professionals. I Always feel right as rain when I leave her office.

Tyrone B

Courteous and professional, always puts her customers first while providing top notch care. Highly recommend!!

Ryan Holleran

Dr. Anne is amazing, she helped me out with my weight loss and is a great guide every step of the process.

Christopher Medeiros

Dr. Anne is very knowledgeable and personable. She guided me through my weight loss journey on the Ideal Protein Diet. She encouraged and supported me every step of the way. She has had a lot of patience with me, especially now, as we are figuring out my macros for weight stabilization. I would highly recommend Dr. Anne to all my friends and family!!! Thank you so much Dr. Anne for everything ?!!!

Debbie Freitas

Words cant express how pleased I am with treatment from Dr Anne Desnoyers-Sylvia chiropractic care. Dr Anne is by far the most knowledgeable with chiropractic services and health and wellness. From chiropractic services to diet and nutrition my overall health has changed dramatically since I have received services. I highly recommend Dr Anne to anyone looking to improve their overall health.

Lori Lopes

I started to see Dr. Anne in 2018. I needed to lose 32 lbs and I remember my sister Karyn had great success with the Ideal Protein eating plan. So I got started with the plan July 2nd 2018. I lost all the weight I wanted to lose in less than 5 months. I also struggle with high cholesterol and I didn't want to go on meds. When I had blood work done after 5 months of being on the diet all the high numbers dropped!

After I got off the phase four I noticed I slowly started to gain some weight back. I started on the plan again and lost the weight!

The support that Dr. Anne offers really keeps you on track to help you meet your goal. She teaches you how to eat healthy and how food works in the body. It was a different food prep but I got used to it very quickly. There are so many food choice options which makes it easier. I liked foods that I could easily bring with me if I was out for the day. Find the ones that suit your lifestyle. Stick to the plan!! And when you eat out stick to proteins and vegetables and you will be fine!
Never give up and you will succeed!

Thank you Dr. Anne for caring enough to work with me through this weight loss journey.

Annette Almeida

I have been going to dr.annie for over 20 years,she is truly a remarkable chiropractor .She is the easiest dr.to talk to about anything,a great listener.

Robert Roy