Meet Dr. Anne Desnoyers-Sylvia

Your expert, doctor and friend.

Dr. Anne Desnoyers-Sylvia operates her ideal nutrition and wellness center with individual care given to each and every person she works with. Her comfortable environment, welcoming and approachable demeanor, and open atmosphere makes it easy to see why so many Dartmouth, MA, residents trust Anne for their total body wellness.

Dr. Anne knew as a sophomore in high school that her dream was to one day open her own chiropractic care center. She would frequently attend chiropractic appointments with her father, who was seeking care, and soon became a patient herself.

With 34 years of chiropractic experience, Anne is a firm believer that the care she provides is not a treatment, but rather a way of life. She emphasizes whole food nutrition, diet and weight loss counseling and total body wellness to reduce ailments.

The care Anne gives to each of her patients is remarkable. Her passion, commitment and friendly demeanor make it easy to discuss self-improvement options. She will be on your team from day one, offering advice and guidance each step of the way.

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