Dr. Anne Desnoyers-Sylvia

Dr. Anne Desnoyers-Sylvia

Dartmouth, MA, Ideal Weight Loss and Nutrition Center

Dr. Anne Desnoyers-Sylvia serves the Dartmouth, MA and surrounding areas, as your resource for complete wellness care. She is both a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Clinical Nutritionist with 34 years of experience, and is passionate about each and every person she works with. Dr. Anne is committed to helping you and your family meet your goals and is dedicated to helping patients of all ages, including children! Call today to get started with your free consultation! Be sure to ask about our immune support services!

A chiropractor can do much more than just help with back pain relief! Learn more about what Dr. Anne in Dartmouth, MA can do for your total body wellness.

Nutrition is the backbone for total body wellness. Dr. Anne is located in Dartmouth, MA and offers customized nutrition plans to help you meet and exceed your goals. Learn more!

If you want to achieve weight loss with natural, whole foods, Dr. Anne is ready to help you reach your goals. Learn more about the Ideal Protein Diet.

Full-service Chiropractor

Did you know that chiropractic care isn't just for neck and back pain relief? In fact, Dr. Anne can help you with countless ailments! Seeing a chiropractor is an excellent way to keep your body functioning at peak performance, through adjustment and overall wellness.
The results of good chiropractic care are endless, however, here are a few more common ailments Anne can help ease:
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
-Neck/Back Pain
-Joint Dysfunction
-Disc Problems

Dartmouth, MA's Most Experienced Nutritionist

Dr. Anne Desnoyers-Sylvia also offers Nutrition Response Testing, and as a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, is an expert in wellness care. Dr. Anne offers customized nutritional programs using whole food nutrition, specifically designed for each individual she works with.
Dr. Anne discovers exactly what your body needs to get well and stay healthy through muscle testing to identify challenge areas and the underlying cause of your symptoms or health concerns. Thousands of people world-wide are benefiting from this technique and using an all-natural approach to total wellness care.

Ideal Protein Diet

For Rapid Weight Loss & Nutritional Education

In addition to the superb services in chiropractic care and nutrition counseling, Dr. Anne Desnoyers-Sylvia also serves as a diet consultant for the Dartmouth, MA area for a medically safe, easy to follow 4-phase program called the Ideal Protein Diet. She will provide guidance and monitor your progress, ensuring you are losing 3-7 lbs. per week through natural, rapid weight loss.