Nutrition: Key to full body wellness

Dr. Anne Desnoyers-Sylvia is passionate about nutrition and strongly believes that a good diet is the backbone to total body wellness. As a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Dr. Anne provides consultations and guidance that are backed with expert knowledge.

Nutrition Response Testing

Dr. Anne is now offering a custom designed nutritional program specifically made for you, using whole food nutrition. Do you want the confidence of knowing you are feeding your body precisely what it needs when it comes to nutrition? Through muscle testing, Dr. Anne can discover exactly what your body needs to get well and stay healthy.

Thousands of people worldwide benefit from Nutrition Response Testing, where underlying causes of your health concerns are discovered. Dr. Anne then takes it a step further by putting a plan consisting of whole food nutritional supplements and certain foods to create a wellness plan, just for you.

What can be helped by proper nutrition?

-Menopausal symptoms
-Joint Pains
-Hair Loss
-Weight Problems

…and much more! Let’s talk about your nutritional concerns and questions. You have everything to gain!